Welcome to Chris Lowth the home page of Chris Lowth's Digitage Limited.

Chris is an IT contractor, subject matter expert and consultant in the architecture, development and leadership of large integration projects in the networking and systems management arena.

My hope for this site is that it develops into a library of useful "unofficial" information about the IONIX product set (EMC IONIX/Smarts section in the Library) and web development tools, particularly targeted at integrators and developers.

If you are involved with OSS (particularly with Smarts), Service modelling, Linux, IT security or Web development using Tomcat / Groovy / Grails / DOJO or ZK then I hope you'll find some useful material and/or software here. If there is anything related to these or similar areas that you'd like input on, or assistance with then you are (of course) very welcome to make contact.

Recent Engagements

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